EVENTKLASS - Reformer Basic

Experience the wonders of a "Reformer Basic" class, designed for those curious about the REFORMER pilates machine and inspired by the megaformer classes seen in other countries and cities, making you think, "I want to do that!"

Reformer training is equally suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners, catering to both yogis and pilates enthusiasts alike. With its incredible versatility, you can lie down, sit, kneel, and stand on the reformer, constantly challenging your body in various ways. The machine provides a well-rounded workout that emphasizes mobility, strength, technique, and balance. The reformer helps activate the right muscles, while the training sessions can be endlessly customized and adjusted to meet your unique needs and desires.

This beginner-friendly event class welcomes everyone, regardless of their fitness level. Each exercise can be tailored with different levels of resistance, ensuring that you receive exactly what you need and want from the session!

Datum (välj datum nedan): Måndag 8 januari  kl.17.00-17.55

                                              Sonday 28 januari kl.11.30-12.25

                                              Måndag 12 febuari kl.17.00-17.55
Tränare: Team Pilates Complete
Pris: 295 kr

Anmälan är bindande och återbetalas endast emot uppvisande av läkarintyg.
Om du har friskvårdsbidrag genom exempelvis Epassi kontakta oss på anmalan@pilatescomplete.se så hjälper vi dig med registrering innan köp.




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