Workshop Co-contraction concept September 25th

During the fall season, we are excited to introduce a new series of workshops called TECHNIQUE, featuring an anatomical focus, led by our instructor Natalia Ersöz. In these specialized classes, you will gain a deeper understanding of your body and its biomechanics. It's an opportunity for you to explore the basic principles of pilates in a new way.

Each 60-minute workshop will delve into a distinct topic among hips, pelvis, back, core, and shoulder girdle.You have the option to enroll in all 4 workshops at a bundled price of 1380 SEK or secure a spot for an individual session at 345 SEK per class. These workshops are designed to delve into techniques within a lecture-style setting, offering the chance for active participation both on the reformer and the mat. To book all 4 workshops visit The Technique Series under our event page. 

For those who choose to book the entire series, an exclusive opportunity awaits. Alongside the enriching workshops, you will also secure a spot in our monthly members' event. This special gathering will feature a captivating lecture on alignment, seamlessly following the conclusion of the last session on the 25th.

Discover how to engage multiple muscles simultaneously, working together harmoniously!

Effective movement requires your body to coordinate different parts while in motion. Understanding the concept of co-contraction will enhance your ability to stabilize and strengthen joints efficiently. You'll also improve your body awareness and gain insights into various movement patterns.

Datum: måndag 25th september
Tid: 17:00-18:00
Tränare: Natalia Ersöz
Pris: 345 kr

Anmälan är bindande och återbetalas endast emot uppvisande av läkarintyg.